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My Recovery Lounge is a recovery studio focused on improving your overall wellness, replenishing your strength and boosting your capabilities. Located in Melbourne, we offer a range of extremely effective therapies, one of which is the traditional sauna.

Used as part of a reasoned program, the traditional sauna has many benefits that aid in the recovery of everyday people and atheltes. You can book single 30 min or 60 min sessions or purchase packs of 10 at a discount price.

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Best traditional sauna for recovery in Melbourne

If you’re looking for the best traditional sauna in Port Melbourne, then look no further than My Recovery Lounge.
Our entire purpose in life is to help you recover safely from your training sessions and improve your athletic performance. Why not drop in or give us a call and find out how we can make your day a little brighter?

What is traditional sauna?

A traditional sauna is usually a Red Cedar room that uses heated stones and water to create steam that makes you sweat. Over the years, the stones were often heated by fire, but most modern saunas are now heated by electricity or gas. Typical temperatures inside a traditional sauna range between 70o to 90o C with participants spending between 10 to 20 minutes in the sauna, followed by a break that often includes an ice bath, and then the cycle repeats.

Traditional saunas have been popular for thousands of years and across many different cultures. Many people in Melbourne use traditional saunas to relax and destress after a hard day at work, but they are also ideal for helping athletes recover from intense training sessions or competitions.

In Scandinavian countries, it’s not uncommon for people to share a sauna with workmates or friends, gathering together, chatting and just enjoying each other’s company. Saunas are part of the Scandinavian culture and they are used extensively by just about everyone. In Melbourne, however, traditional saunas tend to be more frequently used to recover from physical activities although their recreational use is also growing.

What are the benefits of a traditional sauna?

Whether you’re someone who rarely works out or an enthusiastic athlete, you’ll experience several health benefits from a traditional sauna. These benefits include increased performance, better cardiovascular health and faster recovery following exercise or training.

If you’re looking for concrete evidence of these claims, a peer-reviewed Finnish study in 2015 followed a cohort of middle-aged men for 20 years. They found that regular saunas were associated with improved cardiovascular health. In 2016, a meta-review again found that regular use of saunas improved cardiovascular health. However, this study also found that saunas protect the body from damage caused by moderate to vigorous exercise, as well as preserve muscle mass.

There’s also evidence to support the theory that saunas can help detox your body. For example, a 2012 study found that phthalate compounds are eliminated via sweating, whilst yet another 2012 study found that sweating aided the elimination of cadmium, lead and mercury.

All of this research indicates that as part of a well-considered recovery program, regular use of a traditional sauna in Melbourne can significantly improve your recovery and help maintain your overall health and well-being.

Which is better – Infrared sauna or traditional sauna?

Infrared and traditional saunas look remarkably similar but whilst traditional saunas use heat and steam to cause you to sweat, infrared saunas use infrared heat. This is the main difference between the two types of saunas because infrared saunas are more about the quality of the infrared heat than the temperature or the humidity.

Infrared saunas only need to be about 60o C, compared with up to 90o C for traditional saunas. Another big difference is that traditional saunas are hot and steamy whereas infrared saunas are cooler and dryer. There’s also evidence that infrared saunas lower blood pressure, improve neuromuscular performance and accelerate recovery in athletes, and enhance recovery from endurance training.

My Recovery Lounge in Melbourne offers both the traditional sauna and infrared sauna. We find that people who prefer dry heat use the infrared sauna, whilst those that like humidity are happy with the traditional sauna. Also, some people prefer the infrared sauna because it doesn’t need to be as hot as the steam saunas and the far infrared wavelengths can penetrate deeper. From a research point of view, there’s plenty of evidence to support the benefits of using saunas to boost your health and wellbeing, as well as your athletic performance and recovery.

How does a traditional sauna work?

Originally, traditional Finnish saunas created steam by heating stones held over an open fire. Today, we heat traditional saunas using either electricity or gas but the principle is the same. The air is heated to between 70o to 90o C but this temperature and the humidity level within the sauna can be altered by sprinkling water over the hot rocks. As the temperature rises, you begin to sweat, releasing toxins, relaxing and de-stressing.

How can a traditional sauna improve health and performance?

As mentioned above, a traditional sauna in Melbourne helps to boost heart health, increase circulation and detoxify your system. In addition, it also enhances the performance of runners, stimulates an increase in growth hormone, and improves your immune system.

Are traditional saunas safe?

Traditional saunas are safe when they are used by fit and healthy people. Anyone with cardiovascular problems, low blood pressure or heat sensitivity should, however, consult their doctor before booking a session.

Is there a traditional sauna near me?

If you’re googling a “traditional sauna near me, “ just head over to 381 Bay Road in Port Melbourne and drop into My Recovery Lounge. You can also book your sessions online or call us on 0415 067 054 for more information.

What is the difference between an Infrared sauna and a Traditional sauna?
An Infrared sauna heats your body directly by using infrared lamps where the light is transmitted to penetrate below the skins surface. This directly raises your core temperature, forcing your body to eliminate the build-up of toxins found deeper within the body. This creates more of a deep detoxification as well as all the many more benefits!
A traditional sauna on the other hand heats the air around you by creating steam, which then forces the body to sweat with the hot/humid air.
So, the heat in both saunas is completely different! An infrared sauna will produce a much drier heat as apposed to a traditional sauna.